Paso Robles Event Center Generates Over $79 Million To Local Economy

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

PASO ROBLES (CA) – The Fairs & Exposition branch of the California Department of Food & Agriculture recently released its annual reports detailing the economic impact of California fairs on local economies. Data from 2015 shows that the Paso Robles Event Center, and California Mid-State Fair, generated approximately $79,196,000 in spending activity alone, benefiting the local economy and creating a ripple effect of economic benefits for California.

The Paso Robles Event Center also creates local jobs through an economic ripple effect of fairgrounds patron spending and the business activity required in support of fairgrounds activities and events:

• In 2015, the equivalent of 629 jobs was created as a result of the spending by the fairgrounds, its support businesses and its attendees.

• In 2015, the labor income generated by these additional jobs was approximately $22,623,000.

The Paso Robles Event Center also generates business tax revenue through the collection of state and local sales taxes, transient occupancy taxes, possessory interest taxes and other taxes and fees. These revenues stimulate further economic activity by providing for programs that benefit the local community.

For the complete report and more information, see the attached two PDF’s from the state.

The 2017 California Mid-State Fair runs July 19 through July 30. This year’s theme is “Come One, Come All!”

Overall Economic Impact

California Mid-State Fair Economic Impact

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