Farmer's Olympics


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Think you've got what it takes to compete in the Farmer's Olympics?! This brand new event is fun for all ages putting your skills to the test! 

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Timed Events:

  • Milk Bottle Hay Hurdle Relay
  • Rubber Feed Pan Toss
  • Wooden Spoon Egg Race
  • Show Stick Horseshoe Race
  • Manure Rake Egg Toss
  • Shavings Tower
  • Tug ‘O War

Master of Ceremony: Mattie Work
Chief Referee: Jon Fuller

Rules & Regulations: 

  • Teams of 4 adults (Ages 18+)  and Youth (17 & under) teams of 6 can enter the Farmer’s Olympics. 
  • Each team must include at least 1 male and 1 female to be considered for competition. 
  • Each Division will consist of a maximum of 10 teams. 
  • Footwear shall be closed toed including boots, shoes, or cleats/non-metal spikes. 
  • Gloves are permitted. 
  • Team shirts or jerseys are allowed. 
  • 3 bonus points will be given to the “most authentic” Farmer Olympian team according to the vote of the judges.