Wednesday, August 8th, 2018

(PASO ROBLES, CA) – Still Exhibit Entrees were up in multiple departments with tons of theme related flare. Full results can be seen at https://www.midstatefair.com/fair/results.php.

Best of Show Winners

Farm Art

Elif Paulson, Los Osos, Scarecrow Contest

Chancellor Foster, San Luis Obispo, 4-H Intermediate Ages 11 to 13 Birdhouse Contest

Agriculture Produce

Tricia Goldstein, Paso Robles, Home Poultry – Eggs

Craig Righetti, San Luis Obispo, Avocados

Logann Busick, Atascadero, Open Independent Youth Grades K-3 Home Poultry – Eggs

Arts and Crafts

Les Baty, Paso Robles, Miscellaneous Arts & Crafts

Brian Dzukola, San Luis Obispo, Traditional Woodworking

Michelle Von Dollen, Atascadero, Ceramics (Clay) Fired

Clarah Brown, Paso Robles, Open Independent Youth Grades K-3 Woodcraft

Cruz Lazzaroni-Tamayo, Paso Robles, 4-H Intermediate Ages 11 to 13 Trash to Treasure

Home Arts

Deanna R Allen, Paso Robles, Embroidery, Cross Stitch & Counted Cross

Peggy David, Atascadero, Women’s Wearing Apparel

Victoria Mehalick, Creston, Pies & Pastries

Donna Myers , Paso Robles, Machine Quilted - Small Quilts

Sunny Sheldrake, Paso Robles, Table Setting

Larry Stallings, Paso Robles, Jams

Kay Thorne, Atascadero, Weaving

Bella Bowen, Templeton, 4-H Intermediate Ages 11 to 13 Sewing

Paige Jones, Atascadero, 4-H Intermediate Ages 11 to 13 Quilting

Sophia Zambrano, Paso Robles, 4-H Intermediate Ages 11 to 13 Cookies & Bars

Katelyn Rosilez, Templeton, Open Independent Youth Quilting (Elementary School)

Aeven Sylvester, San Luis Obispo, Open Independent Youth Grades 4-8 Decorated Cakes

Layla Wallace, Atascadero, Open Independent Youth Grades 4-8 Layer Cake

Fine Art

Frank Rocha, Atascadero, Theme Items Inspired by our Vaquero Heritage

Rebecca Slason, Paso Robles, Open Independent Youth Ages 15 to 18 Drawing


Larry Hammons, Arroyo Grande, Professional Color

Maia Doughty, Oceano, Open Independent Youth Ages 10 to 14 Color Print


Bloom n Grow, Atascadero, Second Show - Professional Arrangements

Bloom n Grow, Atascadero, First Show - Professional Arrangements

Linda Hicks, Templeton, First Show - Planting Containers

Rick Hicks, Templeton, Second Show - Pelargonium

Larry Stallings, Paso Robles, First Show - Sunflower

Special Stars

Monica Cook, Paso Robles, Senior Department Watercolor Painting

Matthew Tierney, Atascadero, Senior Department Drawing

Zoe Wenz, Atascadero, Senior Department Beaded Work

Industrial Education

Madison Bramlette, Paso Robles, Industrial Education Auction Wood Project

Oren Weatherly, Atascadero, Industrial Education Auction Combination

Eddie Smith, San Luis Obispo, Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) Mechanical

The 2019 California Mid-State Fair runs July 17–28.

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