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General Information

Helm and Sons Amusements Carnival General Information

2019 California Mid State Fair, Paso Robles

Individual Ride Ticket Pricing – Onsite Purchase

.50 per single ticket

$25 for sheet of 50 tickets

$50 for sheet of 100 tickets

Rides Require Between 4-12 Tickets Each Per Person. All rides regardless of location (Cub Country, Kidland, Main Carnival) all take same tickets without restriction.

Daily Pay One Price Unlimited Ride Wristband – Onsite Purchase

$40.00 per Wristband per person per day, EVERY DAY. Wristbands are single use only. Wristbands are good on ALL rides no restrictions.

WOWXpress – Fast pass program – Onsite Purchase

WOWXpress wristband are available on site only at Carnival Ticket Booths for $20. This wristband allows you to enter a special entrance on every ride, and bypass the lines.

Carnival Rider Rules

Helm and Sons Amusements is committed to Absolute Safety as a guest on the rides you too should make safety a priority, in order to insure YOUR safety on the Carnival midway please follow these simple rules:

  • Please listen and obey all operator instructions and read all posted signage.
  • DO NOT RUN in or around the rides.
  • Be courteous and respectful of other guests by not cutting in lines.
  • DO NOT ride if you are injured, sick, pregnant, have health concerns or are too afraid.
  • NEVER stand up while the ride is in motion.
  • Do Not talk to the operator while ride is in motion.
  • IT IS FOR YOUR SAFETY AND THE LAW, that rides have minimum height requirements, if you do not meet these requirements you will not be allowed to ride.
  • ALL riders must have a ticket or wristband.
  • Parents riding with children must pay to ride.
  • Some rides have age and size restrictions.
  • Some rides DO NOT ALLOW SINGLE riders.
  • Some rides do not allow riders with open-toed shoes (sandals).