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  July 17-28, 2019

  Noon - Midnight


Miss CMSF Pageant


The pageant takes place at 6:30 pm on the Frontier Stage
Admission and parking are free

2018 Contestants

Jamie-Lynn Stapf - San Luis Obispo, CA | Jamie-Lynn Stapf is 21 years old and will be entering her senior year at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. She loves to sing, exercise, coach the youth in diving and cheer, and enjoys working with animals. She’s part of Chi Omega sorority and works with the Make-A-Wish Foundation as well as being a part of the Cal Poly Cheerleading team and many more. She describes herself as positive, inclusive, genuine, athletic, and a leader. Her platform is titled “Send a Wish” and involves working with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to provide children with a small token of support to help them through the healing process.

Yvette Fiorentino - San Luis Obispo, CA | Yvette Fiorentino - San Luis Obispo, CA | Yvette Fiorentino is an 18 year old incoming freshman to Cuesta College and enjoys rodeos, singing, showing pigs, spending time with loved ones, and riding horses. She’s been a part of many clubs including FFA as the committee chair for a Scarefarm, San Luis Obispo High School Choir, the Portuguese Holy Spirit Society, and is currently working at Thousand Hills Pet Resort. She describes herself as outgoing, hardworking, compassionate, adventurous, and sassy. Her platform is titled “Walk Up!” and is about the importance of preventing bullying, discrimination, and to be overall inclusive.

Lorin Tapp - San Luis Obispo, CA | Lorin Tapp is 18 years old and will be a sophomore at The University of Alabama. Her hobbies include softball, basketball, hiking, walking her dog on the beach, and Netflix. She’s an active member of the University of Alabama Student Animal Organization and has won various awards with FFA including the FFA State degree and the FFA Green Hand degree. She describes herself as compassionate, competitive, vibrant, adaptable, and open-minded. Her platform is titled “Glean SLO to Fight Hunger” and involves working together to feed our community.

Alexa Pinter - San Luis Obispo, CA | Alexa Pinter is 18 years old and will be a sophomore at Cal Poly and enjoys working on custom construction projects (wood and metal work), wedding design, listening to country music, and adventuring in SLO with her sorority sisters. She’s part of the Cal Poly Agriculture Ambassadors,Cal Poly Alpha Chi Omega as a member and officer of Website and Technology, and is the founding member of Central Valley Christian FFA Chapter. She believes in the future of agriculture and all it has to offer and wants to be a part of making its importance known to a more widespread community. Her platform is titled “Veto Violence”.

Sophia Riddering - Morro Bay, CA | Sophia Riddering is 19 years old and will be a sophomore at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Her hobbies and interests include spending time with her friends and sorority sisters, working out, hiking, dancing, and volunteering for Special Olympics. She’s a part of the Poly Pals which involves working with special needs and is also in Alpha Chi Omega. She has won various titles at dance competitions (nationally and in-state). She describes herself as adaptable, personable, restorative, developer, and positive. Her platform is titled “The Fair Cares!” and is focused on promoting and nurturing the mental wellbeing of all Cal Poly students.

Ashley Davis - Paso Robles, CA | Ashley Davis is 20 years old and will be entering her junior year at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Her favorite past-time is running and has always been passionate about agriculture. She’s a 6th generation native of a local cattle ranching family and loves being a part of her family’s western traditions. Ashley is currently a member of Cal Poly’ Young Cattleman’s Committee and has volunteered for SLO County Special Olympics, Paso Robles Children’s Museum, Paso Robles Harvest Marathon, and the Salvation Army. She describes herself as friendly, tenacious, dedicated, humble, and proud. “Food, Fiber, and Fitness” is her platform of healthy food and fitness for children with special needs, and includes educational presentations, handouts and fun fitness demonstrations.

Codie Wilshusen - San Miguel, CA | Codie Wilshusen is 19 years old and a sophomore at Cal Poly. She enjoys pole vaulting, gymnastics, dance, cheer, and 4-H. She’s involved in the Sky Jumpers Vertical Sports Club, Cal Poly Track and Field Team, Chaparral 4-H, and Central Coast Gymnastics. One of her greatest accomplishments was the 2017 Scholar Athlete of the Year. Five words she uses to describe herself is determined, athletic, dedicated, encouraging, and quiet. Her platform is titled “Let’s Move! Promoting Active Lifestyles for our Youth and Families” and is all about encouraging the youth and their families to become more active by finding fun ways to incorporate fitness into their daily lives.

Kimberly White - Oceano, CA | Kimberly White, also known as Kimi, is 18 years old and in the fall, will be a freshman at Sonoma State. She enjoys cheerleading, being a youth gymnastics coach, theatre, and soda bottle collecting. She’s part of many clubs and organizations including Associated Student Body, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and Random Acts of Kindness Club. One of her biggest accomplishments was becoming the Miss California Mid-State Fair Miss Congeniality in 2017. Her platform, titled “Random Acts of Kindness”, focuses on spreading positivity and educating the community on the importance of being kind. With a platform that directly relates to the club she created, she’s passionate about bettering the community to make a lasting impression.