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  July 20 - 31, 2022


Dragon Knights Stiltwalkers


Wednesday, July 20 - Sunday, July 31

Dragon Knights Inc. is a highly interactive performance group that has been inspiring artistic imagination in the community of Street Theatre with Stilt Puppetry and roaming performances for over 20 years. Dragon Knight Stilt Theater allows you to enter into the dream world of exotic creatures to become part of the reality that only imagination, technical innovation, and team work can produce.

Inspired by the comic book adaptations of Jules Verne’s novels, the characters in Time Off! have just landed on the surface of the Earth after their journey from the core. The actors, dancers, and musicians are dressed as comic book characters while operating the wheeled artistic vehicles: a winged boat, a musical canoe, and a submarine cockpit.

Escorted by acrobats on stilts, these boats drive through the streets, capturing the attention and following of onlookers. The troupe leads the crowd to a location were the engines serve as the backdrop to a full-scale, high-energy show featuring intense fight scenes, graceful dancing, acrobatic tricks, live music, comedy, and jump rope on suspension stilts.

Enjoy performances throughout the day at these locations/times


  • 4:00 pm @ Davie’s Park
  • 5:30 pm @ Midway - Carnival Entrance


  • 1:00 pm @ Main Quad
  • 3:30 pm @ Davie’s Park
  • 5:00 pm @ Midway - Carnival Entrance