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Attention all who enter through Rodeo Gate—Know Before You Go

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ALL entrants into the Fairgrounds through the “Rodeo Gate” will need valid admission, (ticket, pass, Fair-issued photo id) and a valid vehicle/trailer pass.


The Rodeo Gate is NOT a gate for general public entrance.

See below for specific instructions for Horse Show and Livestock Competitions

To enter the Rodeo gate you will need:

  1. Valid admission—all people entering the fairgrounds must have a valid admission ticket, season pass, or Fair-issued photo id. (See below for specific department information)
  2. Valid vehicle/trailer permit—Your vehicle and trailer MUST have a pass to enter the fairgrounds and MUST be displayed at all times. Your vehicle or trailer WILL BE TOWED—at your expense-- if proper identification is not displayed. (JohnnyBoy’s Towing (805) 239-HELP)


Pre-Entered Contestants: If you are a pre-registered contestant for Horse Show, your entry fee includes admission and your name will be forwarded to the “Rodeo Gate” staff by the Horse Show Office. However, individuals accompanying you in your vehicle must either provide proof of admission or purchase admission at the gate, where tickets will be scanned for entry. Admission will be available for purchase at the Rodeo Gate before gaining access.

Day-of Entries: Contestants entering the event on the day of need to present a valid admission ticket or season pass at the gate for scanning before entry. If you don't have either, you can buy a one-day admission ticket at the gate, which is valid only for that day. Upon registering for your events at the Horse Show office, present your admission ticket to receive a refund equivalent to its purchase price.

Pre-purchased admission: Please ensure you have your daily admission, season pass. Or Fair-issued photo ID ready to be scanned at the gate for entry. Only valid forms of admission will be accepted.

Vehicle/Trailer Parking: Horse Show parking is first come first served and vehicle passes will be available at the Rodeo Gate. If the lot is full and you are required to park in Pioneer Lot, the Rodeo Gate will provide a vehicle pass.

Questions? Please email or call the Horse Show office at (805) 238-5098.


All vehicle passengers must have an admission/season pass to enter the fairgrounds.

Vehicle passes are issued by the Livestock Office.

Single day shows will have an exhibitor list at the gate for entry drop off and a pass will be issued for trailer parking.

Livestock feed and supply deliveries are limited and allow vehicle access from 6:00 am to 10:00 am only. Delivery passes are provided by the Livestock Office.

Your parent passes and exhibitor passes can be scanned at the gate or you will be required to purchase admission.

Questions? Please email or call the Livestock Office (805) 238-3272.


Where is admission available for purchase?

You can purchase discount admission prior to Opening Day July 17th at Farm Supply, the Box Office located on Riverside Avenue (11:00 am – 4:00 pm), or

What if my name is not on the list?

How do I get a Vehicle/Trailer Pass?

Your vehicle and trailer MUST have a vehicle pass to enter the fairgrounds and the pass must be displayed at all times. Your vehicle or trailer WILL BE TOWED—at your expense-- if proper identification is not displayed. (JohnnyBoy’s Towing (805) 239-HELP)

Each department supervisor should provide vehicle/trailer passes, or the Rodeo Gate staff will provide the vehicle/trailer pass if approved by the department supervisor.

What if I am not a Horse Show or Livestock exhibitor?

The department supervisor that directed you to the Rodeo Gate should have provided proper credentials. They are your point of contact, not the Rodeo Gate staff.

What if I walk out to my trailer parked off grounds and need back in the gate?

All gates provide a hand stamp when leaving the Fairgrounds. If you plan to return, you MUST be sure to get your hand stamped and show the staff member the stamp when you re-enter through the gate. There is no re-entry onto the Fairgrounds after 10:00 pm.

What if my name is not on the list:

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