Friday, June 21st, 2024

The California Mid-State Fair is pleased to announce the following performers for the 805 Beer Frontier Stage. All shows are free with your paid admission to the Fair and start at 8:00 pm. The concert series is presented by Five Cities Water Systems.

7/17/24 – Miss CMSF Scholarship Pageant (6:00 pm): Come see the talented local contestants and find out who is crowned Miss CMSF 2024.

7/18/24 - Legends in Concert Tribute to Elton John: Prepare to be mesmerized by Kenny Metcalf’s sensational portrayal of Elton. Metcalf delivers an enchanting performance, capturing the magic of Elton John’s greatest hits, including “Benny and the Jets,” “Rocket Man,” and “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.”

7/19/24 – High Voltage – A Tribute to AC/DC: High Voltage has a well-deserved reputation as the premier high energy, authentic AC/DC tribute act.

7/20/24 – Umphrey's McGee: In the twenty-five years since eclectic improv-rock band Umphrey’s McGee formed, their sound has been an amalgamation of genres, moods, and tempos, effortlessly flowing from one feeling to the next throughout an album or concert—or sometimes within a singular song.

7/21/24 – Mariachi Reyna de Los Angeles: Perhaps the greatest accomplishment of Mariachi Reyna de Los Angeles®, the first all-female mariachi in the United States, is that they have paved the way for other female mariachi groups to exist at the professional level. In a musical landscape of songs that are often written by men, Reyna has created their own history.

7/22/24 – Shaylen: Since Shaylen took a leap of faith into country music in 2022, she has experienced a meteoric rise, swiftly ascending to become one of the most prominent emerging female artists in the country music scene. Her debut single, “What If I Don’t,” became a viral streaming sensation on every platform garnering over 26 million streams just on Spotify alone.

7/23/24 – The Mavericks: For decades, the Mavericks have created the kind of multicultural Americana that reaches far beyond America itself, blending their favorite stateside sounds — including rock & roll, country, and R&B — with Tex-Mex twang, Cuban rhythms, Jamaican ska, and other Latin influences.

7/24/24 – Slaughter: In 1990, Slaughter hit radio, MTV and the U.S. touring circuit like a tornado, coming seemingly out of nowhere to roll through everything in its path and turn it upside down. Touring the world with bands that they loved, Kiss, Ozzy, and others, meant the good times were just a song away, and their first hit single, "Up All Night" certainly fit into that mold. Their second chart-topper, "Fly To The Angels", was more representative of the spirituality and awareness that goes into most of the band's music and lyrics.

7/25/24 – Runaway June: Strong-minded, soft-hearted, and wildly free-spirited, each member of Runaway June possesses the kind of powerhouse talent and radiant charisma that fully commands the spotlight. But when the three musicians sing together, their crystalline harmonies create an impact well beyond the sum of its parts and instantly stir up a whole world of feeling: sweet relief from heartache, escape from the everyday chaos, an unabashed freedom to shake off your inhibitions.

7/26/24 – Landon Parker: With his deep voice and small-town roots, Landon Parker bridges the distance between traditional country music and its modern-day makeover. It’s a southern sound that celebrates the good things in life — cold beer, old friends, and new beginnings — created by a blue-collar songwriter who’s spent countless nights on stage, playing show after show on Nashville’s honky-tonk circuit.

7/27/24 – Long Beach Dub Allstars: After making their triumphant return in 2020 with their self-titled album, Long Beach Dub Allstars are taking it all the way back-to-basics on their new album "Echo Mountain High". The album will take listeners on a trip through a psychedelic mountain range of musical madness filled with reggae, rock, ska, hip hop, hard dub, and soul.

7/28/24 – Voz de Mando: Voz de Mando is one of the most prominent groups within the regional Mexican genre, with three Latin Grammy nominations, more than 7 million followers on its social networks and just over 500 million views on YouTube. The group is part of Pandora's select “Billionaires Club” for having more than 1 billion spins on the platform.

The 2024 California Mid-State Fair runs July 17 through July 28 and this year’s theme is “Wide Open Spaces!”. Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

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