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  July 18-29, 2018

  Noon - Midnight


Public Contests

Public Contests are a unique way for both the public and the competitor to witness the judging process. You must sign up online for Watermelon Eating Contest, Cupcake Challenge, Locally Grown Salsa, Apple Pie Baking, and "Walmart" Junior Fashion Show using the links provided. Those entering Public Contests will bring their entries to the Fair’s Main Office at the specified date and time, at which, they will receive a pass to get into the Fair. Contests will be held at 6:00pm at Paso Pete’s Ponderosa Stage in Frontier Town. All othercontests require nothing more than the participant to show up at competition site at 5:45 pm. For food contests, exact recipes are not required, but you must submit 2 copies of a list of ingredients when you check in your entry. We collect this information simply for allergy concerns for the judges and attendees. You may bring these with you (Please do not include your name or identifying information on the judge’s list) All work must be the sole work of the participant. Contestants must be seven years or older to participate.

Wednesday, July 19 - Watermelon Eating Contest

Tuesday, July 20 - Let's Clown Around

Friday, July 21 - Sponge Toss

Saturday, July 22 - Cupcake Challenge

Sunday, July 23 - Locally Grown Salsa

Monday, July 24- Kerplunk

Tuesday, July 25 - Apple Pie Baking

Wednesday, July 26 - "Walmart" Junior Fashion Show

Thursday, July 27 - Carnival Game Relay

Friday, July 28 - Texas Donut Challenge

Saturday, July 29 - Pie Eating Contest

Sunday, July 30 - Watermelon Eating Contest