Board Meeting Agendas


16th District Agricultural Association California Mid-State Fair

Skybox Paso Robles Wednesday, August 17, 2016 9:00 a.m.


Mission Statement: The 16th District Agricultural Association strives to produce the California Mid-State Fair, which preserves, promotes and showcases agriculture and the traditions of San Luis Obispo County, and maintains a dynamic and profitable year-round facility known as the Paso Robles Event Center.

I. Call Meeting to Order

II. Flag Salute

III. Introduction of Guests

IV. Approval of Absences

V. Approval of Minutes: July 25, 2016 Board Meeting

VI. Public Comment Period: This is the time the public may address the Board on items other than those listed on the agenda. Public comments shall be limited to five (5) minutes per speaker. Comments on items which are listed elsewhere on the agenda should be held until that item is being considered so that public testimony can be considered at the time the item is deliberated.

VII. Consent Agenda: Items hereunder on the Consent Agenda are considered routine, not requiring separate discussion and will be enacted in one motion. Individual Items A, 1-3, and B. 1 are approved by the vote that approves the Consent Agenda, unless an item is pulled for separate consideration.

A. Agreements

1. Approve Standard Agreements: None

2. Approve Rental Agreements:

a. 16-44 American Cancer Society

b. 16-45 Rotary Club of Paso Robles

c. 16-46 National Stock Horse Association (Snaffle Bit)

d. 16-47 Simply Clear Marketing (Fall Home and Garden Show)

e. 16-50 Golden State Classic Car Show

3. Approve Judges Agreements:

a. 1-109 Dr. Blake Bloomberg, Livestock

b. 1-111 Rachel Conway, Livestock

c. 1-116 Daniel Fry-Shaw, Livestock

d. 1-117 Samantha Downy, Livestock

e. 1-120 Nancy Lilly, CCOO

f. 1-121 Franco Dunn, CCOO

g. 1-124 Alexandra Devarenne, CCOO

h. 1-129 Chris Zemny, Livestock

i. 1-130 Katie Zack, Livestock

j. 1-133 Cari Leidig, Livestock

k. 1-141 Laurie Daniel, CCWC

l. 1-142 Traci Dutton, CCWC

m. 1-146 Valery Uhl, CCWC

n. 1-147 Mike Fontes, Industrial Arts

o. 1-149 Jeff McCaffrey, Industrial Arts

p. 1-150 Adam Traver, Industrial Arts

q. 1-153 Larry Stallings, Still Exhibits

r. 1-154 Melanie Blankenship, Still Exhibits

s. 1-156 Bobby Hunt, Horse Show

t. 1-158 Kathy Cardon, Horse Show

u. 1-159 Kelly Hartrandrt, Horse Show

v. 1-162 Roger Miller, Horse Show

w. 1-164 Lee Legasey, Horse Show

x. 1-170 Rod Blackner, Still Exhibits

y. 1-169 Patti Lucas, Still Exhibits

z. 1-170 Liz Moore, Still Exhibits

aa. 1-174 Wilfred Wong, CCWC

bb. 1-178 Stephen Ames, Still Exhibits

cc. 1-180 Robert Meyer, Still Exhibits

dd. 1-181 Graceanne Garza, Livestock

ee. 1-181 Pamela Morring, Still Exhibits

ff. 1-182 Mary Srobridge, Still Exhibits

gg. 1-183 Ingrid Hilton, Still Exhibits

hh. 1-184 Brendalee Gorbahn, Still Exhbits

ii. 1-185 William Boxom-Carter, CCWC

jj. 1-186 Mike Dunne, CCWC

kk. 1-187 Tim Marson, CCWC

ll. 1-188 Jim McMahon, CCWC

mm. 1-189 Ron Rawlinson, CCWC

nn. 1-190 Russ Winton, CCWC

oo. 1-191 George Skorka, CCWC

pp. 1-192 Kim Mott, Still Exhibits

qq. 1-193 Susan Amaral, Still Exhibits

rr. 1-194 Kevin Larkin, Still Exhibits

ss. 1-195 Kim Wakatsuki, Still Exhibits

tt. 1-196 Katie Noonan, Still Exhibits

uu. 1-197 Phillip Riccoman, Still Exhibits

vv. 1-198 Chris Hildebrand, Still Exhibits

4. Approve Concessions Agreements:

a. 032-16-F1 California Wine Slush

b. 034-16-1 SLO Co. Democratic Party

c. 037-16-1 Los Osos Valley Mortuary & Memorial Park

d. 040-16-1 DEAS Mobile

e. 042-16-1 Profashion, Inc

f. 003-16-2 Grand Slam

g. 004-16-2 San Luis Obispo County Parks

h. 006-16-2F Black Tie Caramel

i. 007-16-2 Alimtox

j. 009-16-2 Takkens

k. 010-16-2 Azaghar Moroccan Imports

l. 012-16-2 NS Style 4 U

m. 020-16-2 Deer Creek Hats

n. 024-16-2 Embers Fireplaces & Grills

o. 032-16-2 Poly Import and Export

p. 036-16-2 Nature's Precious Metals

q. 045-16-2 MG Sports Nutrition

r. 046-16-2 Happy Feet

s. 047-16-2 Stone Tech

t. 048-16-2 Beautiful Leaves and Things

u. 003-16-3 Sergio's

v. 004-16-3 Stitchin' Horse Ranch

w. 008-16-3 Artesanias Mayan Boutique

x. 013-16-F3 All Around Products

y. 014-16-3 Vaquero

z. 015-16-3 Caracol

aa. 016-16-3 Parkfield Woodworks

bb. 019-16-3 Tie Boss, LLC

cc. 021-16-3 Love Road Inc

dd. 022-16-3 J&P Enterprises

ee. 023-16-3 Real Steel Pits

ff. 025-16-3 Roger Arshagouni

gg. 026-16-3 Wyld at Heart Customs

hh. 027-16-3 Blue Quail Designs

ii. 029-16-3 Modad's Creations

jj. 031-16-3 American Images

kk. 032-16-3 B Lovely California

ll. 034-16-3 Glamour Kat

mm. 035-16-3 Your Pet Store

nn. 008-16-O Manufactured Homes of California

oo. 013-16-O American Bullriding Co

pp. 016-16-O Southern California Gas Company

qq. 018-16-O Terry McConnell

rr. 019-16-O SLO Co. Sheriff's Dept.

ss. 023-16-O California Highway Patrol

tt. 026-16-O Far West Furniture

uu. 029-16-O A.M. Sun Solar

vv. 030-16-O Mawule

ww. 035-16-O Wildflower Toe Rings

xx. 038-16-O Sport Family Fashions

yy. 040-16-O WOW Entertainment LLC

zz. 041-16-O Be Smudge Free Inc.

aaa. 042-16-SO Albertson's, Inc.

bbb. 045-16-O Big Belly Crew

ccc. 048-16-SO Coastal Tractor

ddd. 049-16-SO Santa Cruz Animal Health

eee. 052-16-O World of Gifts and Souvenir

fff. 053-16-SO A2Z Marketing

ggg. 058-16-O Tuff Shed

hhh. 061-16-O Stitching Dreams

iii. 062-16-O Pacific Enterprises

jjj. 019-16-C Lynn's Udder-D-Lite

kkk. 029-16-C Sharp Concepts

lll. 030-16-C Crushed Grape

mmm. 038-16-C Earthly Delights

nnn. 048-16-C Bishop Concessions

ooo. 051-16-CS Domino's Pizza

ppp. 052-16-CS Domino's Pizza

qqq. 061-16-C 15c Wine Shop

rrr. 067-16-C Fred Sweeney MSF BBQ, Inc.

sss. 069-16-C The Choke Coach

ttt. 070-16-C Healthcravz, LLC

uuu. 071-16-C J & M Concessions

vvv. 072-16-C Domino's Pizza

www. 003-16-1 Jeffrey Scott Fine Magnetics

xxx. 007-16-F1 The Candy Shoppe and More

yyy. 011-16-1 REM Sleep Solutions

zzz. 013-16-1 Support our Troops Ranch

aaaa. 016-16-1 KSCanuck, LLC

bbbb. 017-16-1 Qun Stars

cccc. 023-16-1 Deep South Barrels

dddd. 026-16-1 Can-U Marketing

B. Approval of Committee Meeting Minutes:

1. Finance Committee Minutes, June 15, 2016

IV. Old Business

A. Grandstand Project

B. Heritage Foundation Barn Project

V. New Business

A. Finance Committee Report: Director Darway

1. June 2016 Financials

2. Capital Improvement Discussion

3. Adelaide Parking Lot

4. Additional Security Measures

5. Emergency Tree/Sewer Services

Review of Finance Committee report to include Item 1 & 5. Options: a. Acceptance of report as presented by Finance Committee. b. Amend, Modify, or Reject Approval.

B. Fair Programs Committee Report: Director Boneso

1. Entertainment Booking Schedule

2. 2017 Carnival Review of Finance Committee report to include Item 1 & 2. Options: a. Acceptance of report as presented by Finance Committee. b. Amend, Modify, or Reject Approval.

C. Advance and Strategic Plan Meeting Agenda

D. Roundtable Discussion/Review of 2016 California Mid-State Fair

VI. Matters of Information

A. Jam Production Report

B. Staff Reports

C. Manager’s Report

D. Directors Open Forum

XI. Recess

XII. Closed Session: Closed Session will be held to consider, under Government Code Section 11126(a), litigation; property.

XIII. Adjournment

Date of Notice: August 8, 2016



Fair Programs Committee

16th District Agricultural Association

California Mid-State Fair Skybox Paso Robles

Wednesday, August 17, 2016 7:45 a.m.


I. Call Meeting to Order

II. New Business

   A. Entertainment Booking Schedule

   B. 2017 Carnival

          a. Option years

          b. RFP

III. Adjournment

Date of Notice: August 8, 2016